Securing Your Future

The Vision Edge, Llc brings companies together that offer services to small businesses to insure success.

From start up to franchising we have your needs to secure your future.
Our affiliates are referred firms and independent of The Vision Edge, Llc.

Affiliate Firms

A Full Service Digital Marketing Agency, Functioning As An Outsourced Marketing Department For Your Small Business

Smarketing is a new concept; a hybrid evolving from the skill sets of its creators to become something greater than its individual parts.

A fully integrated marketing and advertising agency with a twist, we’ve combined experienced business strategists with top tier creatives and multi-disciplined professionals in order to provide maximum impact—and maximum value—to your small business by functioning as your outsourced marketing department, helping to analyze your business’ strengths and weaknesses, refine your brand identity, and more effectively engage with your target audience.


The Lawhorn Enterprise Group provides comprehensive, value based accounting, marketing, and credit card processing services to small businesses, allowing owners to focus their attention on what they do best: growing their business.

Since our inception, it has been our passion to serve small business owners by relieving them of their accounting, marketing, and payment processing tasks.

We offer time-saving accounting and marketing services, and an innovative credit card payment solution, ensuring that no matter what challenges your business may be facing, we have an answer. From bookkeeping through the Virtual Financial Office — a complete outsourced accounting package for small businesses and individuals—to marketing services such as brand management, digital marketing, and web development, and even credit card payment solutions that allow clients to accept payments anytime, anywhere, through any major credit card network and terminal, we’ve got your small business covered.

Interested in how The Lawhorn Enterprise Group can be a comprehensive solution for your accounting, marketing and payment processing needs? Feel free to contact us via the contact information below to get started down the path to a more efficient, productive and, most importantly, profitable business today!


The Flynn Franchise Group is the natural outcome of Roger Flynn’s decades of experience in selling franchises and Kathy Flynn’s experience in developing and maintaining corporate training programs as well as customer service and team-centered engagement skills. Together, they are able to not only successfully sell franchise locations, but they are also there in the day-to-day development process, working with the franchising company to create simple but complete support systems.

The Flynn Franchise Groups believes in keeping things uncomplicated. The goal is to provide all the information a franchisor or franchisee might need for success and to keep it easy to find, easy to understand and easy to put to use right away. Our franchise support systems kick in from Day 1 for the franchisee.

In addition, we build a franchise based on the systems and brand you have. We work to make the strong parts easy to translate into your franchise program, and we work with you to shore up anything you may need a little help with.

We work as a partner with you in building your franchise program, and then, we continue to support you by selling your model and helping you grow your franchise family.


  • Franchise Program Development
  • Franchise Outsource Sales Program

Do you already have an existing franchise program but would like a little help with your growth? Or feel like it’s time to give your training program or operations manual an update? We can work with you on individual projects to fuel growth and franchisee satisfaction.